Solutions Overview

We offer packaged and custom hardware and software solutions developed from experience helping our clients over the past 22 years:

Backup solutions - for server, workstations, websites, home or mobile: we have options for multiple, tiered and redundant backup so one bad memory stick or hard drive can't risk all of your data.

Web and email hosting solutions - highly available, secure, managed hosting, intranet/Sharepoint support, single servers to clustered, redundant public cloud servers. We have multiple options to suit your web and email needs including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, local and Canadian private clouds.

Office 365 solutions - from email/calendar/contacts synchronized on your mobile device, Outlook and the web - to full installed versions of any Office applications available on all your devices

Contact management solutions - web based or in Microsoft Access

Active Directory sync tools - custom created to accommodate a wide range of uses

MailChimp API integration - automated upload, segmented list creation and mail out, able to be scheduled or run on-demand

Corporate Meeting Minutes software - create meeting agendas and convert them to minutes complete with record attendance, voting, movers/seconders.

AGM Resolutions software - enter, track, view on projectors and amend live on-screen during your AGM, following through to reports and website updates post-convention. Our software helps organizations stay accountable to their members.